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House rules

These House Rules apply to all rooms of Stadt Wien Kunst GmbH / FOTO ARSENAL WIEN in the MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna. All persons staying in these rooms are subject to the rules. The application of the House Rules has been entrusted to the personnel of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN, particularly to its security staff and attendants.

Tickets (unless explicitly indicating otherwise) are good for one visit of the exhibition rooms within the given opening hours and are not transferable. They lose their validity when the visitor leaves the premises. The purchase of tickets may be denied. Regulations for reduced tickets are to be found on an information panel at the exhibition entrance and at the cash desk. Fees for guided tours will not be refunded in case visitors decide to refrain from participating.

Instructions of the FOTO ARSENAL WIEN security personnel and attendants have to be observed without exception.

Touching the exhibits and the devices and objects used for their presentation is prohibited unless a form of use is explicitly indicated. Crossing the barriers is prohibited.

Unless explicitly indicated, visitors may take photographs without a flash for private purposes. Photographs as well as video, film and audio recordings for commercial purposes or the media require the written consent of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN. Please contact the FOTO ARSENAL WIEN press office prior to your visit. The use of additional lights (flashes, film and video lights) and tripods as well as the commercial exploitation of all photographs and recordings is subject to prior permission of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN.

FOTO ARSENAL WIEN reserves the right to use all pictures as well as all video, film and audio recordings made during an event and in its location for commercial purposes. Claims concerning personality rights will not be considered.

Talking on the telephone in the exhibition rooms is not allowed.

Eating and drinking is restricted to the areas reserved for it. Special attention should be paid to the regulation prohibiting visitors to bring food and drinks into the exhibition rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited throughout the exhibition areas. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN. Pets are not allowed on the premises of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN, except for dogs assisting visually impaired people (disabled passes have to be presented on request).

It is not allowed to bring hazardous substances, weapons, etc. into the rooms of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN. The security personnel and attendants are authorized to check the contents of visitors’ bags on a random basis.

Posters and other announcements may only be mounted in or on the building with prior consent of the management by employees of Stadt Wien Kunst GmbH / FOTO ARSENAL WIEN in the places reserved for such purposes and depending on the available free surfaces.

Umbrellas, sticks, backpacks, suitcases, satchels, bags, and larger objects are not allowed in the exhibition rooms and must be left in the entrance area of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN. FOTO ARSENAL WIEN is not liable for things deposited in the entrance area. It is within the discretion of the FOTO ARSENAL WIEN employees which objects may be brought into the exhibition.

Emergency exits may only be used in an emergency. All passages, transportation routes, escape routes, and exits must be kept clear. Furnishings, chairs, and benches must not be removed from their place.

Emergency exits may only be used in an emergency. All passages, transportation routes, escape routes, and exits must be kept clear. Furnishings, chairs, and benches must not be removed from their place.

When an alarm is sounded visitors have to follow the instructions of the security personnel and attendants unconditionally. The shortest way to leave the building should be used. Elevators must be avoided.

For safety reasons, FOTO ARSENAL WIEN (all exhibition areas and foyers) is monitored by surveillance cameras. FOTO ARSENAL WIEN reserves the right to make these recordings available to the authorities or to a court if a qualified need arises.

Visitors are liable for all damages and consequential damages to the building, the artworks, as well as to immovable and movable furnishings caused by them. Visitors will be held fully and personally responsible for all damages caused by disregard of the House Rules or safety regulations. Parents are liable for their children; accompanying persons are not released from their legal responsibility to keep children properly supervised and will be held responsible for damages that may be caused by their neglect of this duty.

All deliveries have to be cleared with FOTO ARSENAL WIEN in advance.

Means of transport must not be left in the outside areas reserved for storage.

The safety personnel are authorized to expel visitors from FOTO ARSENAL WIEN and to ban them permanently in case of serious violations of these House Rules or of other unseemly behavior. There will be no refund for tickets.

In the event of a particularly heavy rush of visitors, the safety personnel are under the obligation to temporarily block the building or individual exhibition rooms for further visitors for reasons of safety. No refund for tickets will be granted under these circumstances.

Pieces of lost property have to be left with the cashier’s or one of the attendants without delay and will be handed over when proof of ownership is provided.

Facility renters undertake to ensure that these House Rules will be observed. They also commit themselves to treating all objects and rooms used appropriately, professionally and with care and to enforcing the no-smoking regulation. The renters’ decoration of the event location and all other rooms requires the prior consent of FOTO ARSENAL WIEN and has to be installed according to its instructions. The renter is liable for all damages arising as a result. Only non-flammable or hardly flammable materials are allowed. Facility renters have to make sure that the volume of the equipment used in the rented rooms does not cause a disturbance for other events or the exhibition rooms.

Facility renters are obligated to ensure that the regulations of Vienna’s Events Act are complied with. Especially escape routes have to be kept clear at all times.

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